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Tools and Integrations

Examples of web3 tools you can use with pods.

Metropolis makes it easy for web3 infrastructure to integrate with pods. Below are some examples.


Parcel is a dynamic, one-stop shop for on-chain DAO financial operations. Metropolis is integrated with Parcel to make payment operations easier for pods. Learn more about our integration here.


Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. It provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote. Snapshot makes it easy to vote on proposals gated by pod membership NFTs with this voting strategy.


Tally is a DAO operations platform that helps people start, join, and grow decentralized organizations. Tally integrated with Metropolis with pre-made proposal templates to manage pod memberships for pods with Governor contracts as managers.


Boardroom is a DAO governance aggregator helping members make faster, smarter, and more informed decisions. Metropolis pods are integrated on the Boardroom dashboard as a bundle. Learn more about this integration here.


Guild allows users to create private gated communities based on certain requirements, including on-chain assets. This means users can create gated communities based on pod memberships on any platform that Guild supports.


Lobby is a knowledge management platform for web3 organizations. By setting a token gate to a wiki, pods can create and control their own wiki on Lobby.


Clarity gives working groups their own dedicated workspace, while sharing a community-wide home screen, roadmap and wiki. With Clarity’s token gating feature, pods can set up workspaces that only its members have access to.


Dework is a platform for web3 teams to pay contributors. Pods can use Dework to engage with internal and external contributors.


Drips is a protocol that allows any creator to generate continuous DAI stream from their communities without relying on a bank account or extracting platforms. Pods can leverage their Safe to create DAI streams to and from their multi-sig.