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Benefits Of Pods

We love pods, here's why you will too.

Signer management that works

Multi-sig signers are centers of trust in your DAO. Yet, most organizations don't have reliable ways to add and remove signers.

The manager role allows any EOA or smart contract (including a governor contract, other pods, custom voting contracts) to manage multi-sig signers, creating flexible signer management options that work for your organization.

Permissions groups

If your DAO is doing anything on-chain, you probably have a multi-sig with important permissions.

Pods provide a uniform way to manage who has access to those permissions - including the ability to swap addresses in and out of permissions groups in just a few clicks. No more bespoke scripts for managing role-based access.


In DAOs, transparency and legibility is paramount.

Pods don’t just provide a clear organizational map, they also help make sense of the rich data in your organization. The Podarchy Lens provides data on pod membership, finances, and even permissions delegated to individual pods (coming soon) – making your organization legible. To experience the magic yourself, check out the ENS Ecosystem Podarchy.

Built with tools you already use

We aren't another DAO tool.

Pods are built on top of Safe, leveraging infrastructure you already use to add additional functionality. No long onboarding process or custom code requirements (most DAOs don’t even require a governance vote to implement pods).