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Pod Beta Users

Information for Metropolis Limited Beta users.

Beta Access

Metropolis is currently in limited beta. This means that we’re slowly opening up access to DAOs and organizations to create digital cities with pods. This process looks as follows:

  • DAOs will be invited to join the Metropolis (to request an invite, please submit a Build Permit Request). This invite comes in the form of a “Build Permit” NFT, which will be airdropped to the Safe multi-sigs associated with these DAOs.
  • Simply by being a signer on a Safe that holds a Build Permit, you gain access to Metropolis.
  • Gaining access to Metropolis means you have full access to our app. You can create a new pod or podify any Safe that you are a signer of — not just the Safe that holds the Build Permit.

To check if one of your Safes received a Build Permit NFT, go to and connect your wallet. If you did not yet receive an airdrop or are unsure, you can submit a request using this typeform.

How It Works

Enabling the Metropolis module for a Safe

Our smart contracts do not interact with, or have access to, the assets in your Safe. These contracts can only manage who is a signer on your Safe.

Metropolis contracts have been independently audited by Consensys Dilligence, Quantstamp, and the internal auditors at Safe.

No DAO-wide votes or consensus required

Pods are enabled per-Safe, so you don’t need DAO-wide consensus for individual working groups or guilds to enable pods.

How to Use Pods

Once you have access to pods, you are able to:

  1. Podify existing Safes (which enables the pod module for a given Safe)

  2. Create new pods (which creates a new Safe with the pod module enabled from the start)

You can do all of this through our interface at