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Pod Beta Users

Information for Metropolis Limited Beta users.

We’ve chosen a select group of DAOs to have access to pods. For those that do not currently have access to Metropolis, you can request access here.

Supercharge your Gnosis Safe

Pods = Gnosis Safe multi-sig with a permissions layer for managing signers.

It’s a simple — but powerful — primitive, that supercharges your Gnosis Safe.

1) All your Safes in one interface Proposals across all your multi-sigs are aggregated into one interface ‒ making it easy for signers to quickly approve transactions.

2) Manage signers with zero fuss With admin capabilities and NFTs for managing signers, mass onboarding and off-boarding contributors is simple.

3) Give your Safe an identity No need to waste time and energy identifying multi-sig addresses. Every pod has a unique NFT, ENS name, and matching URL.

The best part? Pods don’t change your Gnosis Safe—they just give it superpowers.

How It Works

Our smart contracts do not interact with, or have access to, the assets in your Gnosis Safe. These contracts can only manage who is a signer on your Safe.

Metropolis contracts have been independently audited by Consensys Dilligence, Quantstamp, and the internal auditors at Gnosis Safe.

No DAO-wide votes or consensus required

Enabling pods does not require that you gather consensus from the entire DAO. Pods can be enabled per-Gnosis Safe, so you don’t need DAO-wide consensus for individual working groups / guilds to enable pods.

Next Steps

Beta access means you can:

  1. Enable the pod module for existing Gnosis Safes

    Note: enabling the pod module requires approval from multi-sig signers. Feel free to share this page with other signers to make the process of enabling pods smoother.

  2. Create new pods (which creates a new Gnosis Safe with the pod module enabled from the start)

You can do all of this through our interface at

What’s Coming

Standalone pods are powerful tools, but they’re even more powerful when you click them together. From pod templates to a visual podarchy builder, we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter to stay updated on all things pods.