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An introduction to the Metropolis smart contracts.

Metropolis is a lightweight permissions and membership management protocol that can be connected to Gnosis Safe through the SafeTeller.sol safe module.

Each membership group within Metropolis is referred to as a pod and pod memberships are represented by ERC1155 membership tokens.

Core Addresses

Source code for all Metropolis contracts can be found in this GitHub repository.

Mainnet Deployments

Ethereum - 1

Testnet Deployments

Goerli - 5

Getting Started

Library Usage

The NPM package includes some convenience functions for fetching deployments:

import { getDeployment, getControllerByAddress } from '@0xmetropolis/contracts';

// Fetches the latest Controller from the mainnet
const controller = getDeployment('ControllerLatest', 1);
// Fetching and instantiating the MemberToken contract
const memberTokenDeployment = getDeployment('MemberToken', network);
const MemberToken = new ethers.Contract(

// You can also fetch the Controller version by the address of the deployment.
// This is useful for fetching Controllers from Pods, as different Pod versions
// have different Controllers

// The Controller address tracked on the MemberToken
const controllerAddress = await MemberToken.memberController(id);
if (controllerAddress === ethers.constants.AddressZero) {
throw new Error('Pod ID was not registered on Controller');

const controllerDeployment = getControllerByAddress(controllerAddress, network);
const Controller = new ethers.Contract(


Getting Started

Run npm install.

Install Foundry, then run forge install.


Run npm run test to run the test suite

Run forge test to run the test suite

Run npm run coverage to print a coverage report



You must create .env in the product root, and it should look like this:

// This should be your private key




You can run npx hardhat --network goerli deploy to deploy contracts to the testnet. This will deploy all our contracts and connect them to the official Gnosis Safe contracts.

Run npx hardhat etherscan-verify to verify contracts on etherscan

Run npx hardhat tenderly-verify to verify contracts on tenderly


The high level architecture of Metropolis is a permission wrapper around a gnosis safe that uses 1155 NFT membership to manage access.

A Gnosis Safe wrapped by Metropolis is referred to as a pod.

Member Token

The MemberToken is an 1155 token contract that represents manages the memberships of all pods.

Each pod is represented by a unique 1155 token id, which correspond to its set of member NFTs.

Each pod also is tied to a version of the Controller, for future upgradeability.

On any token event the _beforeTokenTransfer hook will call the beforeTokenTransfer function of the pod's version of Controller to perform validation and manage side effects before the token is allowed to transfer.


The Controller manages the creation of pods as well as managing their membership validation and side effects.

When the MemberToken calls the beforeTokenTransfer function, the Controller will validate the action with the RuleManager to verify the membership change is permissible.

If the event is permissible the Controller will call the SafeTeller to handle the side effects of the membership change.