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Explore on-chain structures with the Podarchy Explorer.

The Podarchy Explorer is a spatial interface that indexes and visualizes on-chain permissions and other relationships. With the Explorer, operators can quickly examine protocols they want to partner with and security researchers can map associated permissions of systems they are investigating.

Podarchy Explorer

The Podarchy Explorer can be accessed several ways. The first is through our Explore page. Here you will find several featured podarchies.

The search bar can be used to look up pods (e.g.,, wallet addresses, Safes and smart contracts.

To make it easier to find your own podarchy, you can connect your wallet. This will reveal a podarchy icon in the navigation bar, next to your user address.

Your Podarchy

By opening up your podarchy, you can view on-chain connections tied to your connected wallet address. If they exist, the connections you will currently see are:

  1. Member and manager relationships on pods
  2. Signer relationships on Safes
  3. Permissions on smart contracts

We also aggregate some financial information for the podarchy you are currently viewing. The type of information we show is subject to change and may not be accurate in some cases while Metropolis is in beta.


The Podarchy Explorer indexes Safe memberships and smart contracts that implement OpenZeppelin's access controls. By looking up wallet addresses, Safes and smart contracts you can discover existing patterns across the entire Ethereum ecosystem that use these interfaces.

If you have suggestions for interfaces we should support, let us know on Discord.