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Update Pod Version

How to update your pod to the latest version.

Keeping your pod up-to-date ensures that you have access to the latest features and performance improvements. A transaction to update the pod version can be created from the pod settings menu.

1. Go to pod page

On the pod page, open the pod settings menu.

Update Pod 1

2. Check for updates

If an update is ready, this will be indicated by a green box that says "Available".

Update Pod 2

3. Select role

Both managers and members can update the pod version. Select the one appropriate for your pod, then hit Update Pod.

Update Pod 3

4. Gather consensus and execute

Once the threshold has been reached, the transaction to update the pod can be executed. This is an on-chain transaction, which means that the address that executes the transaction should have enough ETH to pay the gas fee.

Update Pod 4