Pods as Governance Coalitions
How to vote through your favorite governance platforms as a pod.
Meta-governance committees and delegate groups can leverage pods to provide greater transparency and visibility into their identities while voting on various on-chain proposals throughout the ecosystem.

1. WalletConnect QR Code from Voting Platform

Access your preferred governance / voting platform of your choice (Boardroom, Tally, Messari Governor). Select "WalletConnect" and copy the QR Code.
Tally WalletConnect QR code

2. Access Pod Gnosis Safe UI

From your pod page, you can click the "Safe" button to access the Gnosis Safe UI.

3. Connect Wallet Connect in Gnosis Safe UI

Navigate to "Apps" in Gnosis Safe and find the WalletConnect app. Paste the WalletConnect QR code. You should receive confirmation that your Gnosis Safe wallet is connected to the voting platform.

4. Vote On Proposal

Find the proposal you want to vote on and cast your vote. You will need to confirm the transaction within the Gnosis Safe UI.
Once your vote is cast, you should see your pod ENS name show up within the voting platform: