Frequently asked questions on Orca Protocol.

What is Orca Protocol?

Orca Protocol is an extensible and modular DAO implementation built around small working groups called pods. Each pod is collectively controlled by the pod members through a proposal-approval mechanism.

What are pods?

Pods are a clean and intuitive interface for multi-sigs. They can be created to form small working groups based on a specific expertise. Access to a pod is gained through membership NFTs. We like to compare membership NFTs to office key cards to explain this concept.
A traditional multi-sig wallet is like the lock to your house; it is cut to specific keys that control access. In order to change the keys you need to change the lock.
Instead of private keys, control of the pod is represented through membership NFTs. These NFTs act like your office key card. When you swipe into your office, your key card is validated against a set of permissions to see whether or not you have access. Changing key cards is as simple as updating office access permissions.
Similarly, pod admins can create pod rules that define requirements for holding membership NFTs. If a member fails to comply with the pod rules, their membership NFT can be revoked and they lose access.

Where can I try out pods?

Orca Protocol is currently in a private beta. Our public launch date is TBD.

Where can I buy your tokens?

Orca Protocol currently does not have a token. Please do not accept tokens from anyone claiming to be ours.

Are votes recorded on-chain?

Pods use Gnosis Safe for voting, which are more like approvals than votes. Every executed proposal has its approvals logged on-chain. Pods, however, use gas-less voting, meaning that approvals are stored off-chain while the proposal is live. When the approval threshold is met, then everything gets ratified on-chain in one transaction.

Can I set a custom image for the membership NFT?

Yes! What's the point of being productive, if you can't do it in style? Pods can set an image of their choice to represent membership to a pod.

What are pod admins?

Pod admins manage memberships and membership requirements.

Are Orca Protocol's smart contracts audited?

Yes! Orca Protocol's smart contracts responsible for pod creation and membership management were audited three times during the summer and fall of 2021 by Consensys Dilligence, Quantstamp, and the internal auditor at Gnosis Safe. If you would like to see the final reports please reach out to the team on Discord.
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