Pod Configurations
Various configurations available for pods.
Pods can be constructed in a number of different ways in order to serve the needs of your team and organization.
The Dictator
Token Republic
Round Table
High Council
Embedded Admins

The Dictator

The Dictator model is one where a person is serving as admin and has control (but does not necessarily sit on as a member) of the pods in your organization. This individual could be an Ops/Governance/Community lead or a trusted individual tasked with supporting administrative duties of the pods.
In the example below we have one admin supporting the project-dev and project-mktg pods.

Token Republic

The Token Republic model is one where token holders serve as decision makers for membership and asset management of your pods. The decisions made by token holders would be executed by a smart contract that serves as the technical admin of your pods.
In the example below, token holders' decisions are executed by a smart contract which serves as the admin of the project-dev and project-mktg pods.

The Round Table

The Round Table model is one where there are no admins anywhere within your pods or broader organization. All decisions regarding membership management, asset management and membership rules will require a proposal and vote.
In the example below, the project-dev and project-mktg pods are sub pods of the project pod. Project-dev and project-mktg can cast their approve/reject decisions for project pod proposals.

The High Council

The High Council model is one where a pod of individuals serves as the admins and supporting team for the rest of the organization. As an example, The High Council could be a group of elected stewards responsible for supporting the working groups of the organization. They have power to unilaterally add and remove members, manage assets and membership requirements.
In the example below, project pod serves as the admin for the project-dev and project-mktg pods, which are also sub pods and can participate in proposals of the project pod.

The Embedded Admins

The Embedded Admins model is one where each pod has a pod member that also serves as the admin of the pod. These could be trusted individuals or elected stewards that have been granted elevated rights to quickly manage memberships, assets and membership rules.
In the example below, the project, project-dev and project-mktg pods all have a pod member that has been granted an admin right.
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