Benefits of Pods
The benefits of using pods.
Teams, DAOs, and organizations become the beneficiaries of using pods through:
  • Increased transparency and visibility: Pods more clearly identify the nuclei of activity that exist within DAO ecosystems. By creating a more public identity (pod ENS name, pod NFT image, and dedicated pod URL) around working groups, DAO contributors, community members, and partners have better insight into the network of people and working units in your ecosystem.
  • Organizational flexibility: Pods are flexible and modular enough to support your organization as it evolves, matures, and decentralizes. Pods are the most basic unit of a DAO--allowing DAO participants to create custom organizational designs that meet ecosystem demands.
  • Ecosystem composability: Each pod is managed with ERC1155 tokens and built on top of a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet. Leveraging these standard web3 primitives ensures full composability with future Orca Protocol tools alongside the entire ecosystem of DAO and web3 tools.
  • Speed and decisiveness: Delegate roles and responsibilities to focused pods. Coordination required within a pod is low touch - boosting productivity while providing a way to maintain accountability for pod members.
  • Optimized workflows for teams: Your teams will be the beneficiary of optimized workflows within other DAO tools as Orca Protocol expands its partnerships and integrations with the DAO and web3 infrastructure.
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