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Apr 20, 2023

ยท 2 min read

Podarchy Explorer!


  • We had our official public launch of the Podarchy Explorer.
  • The podarchy now surfaces any relationships that involve OpenZeppelin's Access Control contracts. Support for indexing more contracts is coming in the future.
  • The spatial UI now shows relationship icons for member, manager and permission relationships. We've included an animation from the source node to a destination node, depending on the direction of the relationship. The first iteration had these animations always on. After feedback, we changed this to be a solid line and only animate on hover of the icon.
  • To the edges, we've added arrows to indicate the directional relationship.
  • The sidebar now has a permissions tab that provides additional context to the spatial interface. Each list items has an etherscan link to make further sleuthing easier.
  • Hovering over the edge icons will now show a more human readable popup. This popup helps set the context by showing what this relationship entails (e.g., Contract A is owner of Contract B).
  • Contracts that are verified on Etherscan will have their contract name surface in our app as well.
  • Added recently searched addresses to the search dropdown. This is only supported for connected users.
  • Added a Share button so that users can easily copy the URL and share it with their frens.


  • We moved the CTAs on the Explore page from the top to the bottom.
  • The URL path now tracks the selected node and selected lens to make sharing easier.


  • Improved many of our performance issues, including better caching.
  • Spatial UI is no longer visually overstimulating with animated lines.